I have been into making webshops for about 1,5 years now. After testing about 30 programs, of which 25 I could toss away after 10 minutes, I choose CS-cart as my preferred platform. I’m glad I did…  I still love it and it keeps getting better, the forum is fantastic, and so is cs-carts support.

One thing that could use some improvement though is how it handles brands aka manufacturers.

At the moment your product names probably look like: BRAND NAME – Product description. Sometimes this looks ugly because when a product name is long, some appear on 2 lines while others on 1. This messes up the grid layout.p>

For some shops, like mine, brands are important. So I together with the guys from alt-team (they are great) we created an add-on that imo adds some cool stuff to cs-cart.

It adds the following:

list / category view has variants:

variant 1:

brand name (pulled from manufacturer feature)
product name

variant 2:

product name (like the original cs-cart view)

Second thing it does is make the product page look like:

Product name

brand: brand name (under product name, called from manufacturer feature. Links to manufacturer / brand page where customers can read more info about the brand)

I guess pictures say more then words:

cs-cart manufacturer /brand add-on

I’m personally very happy with the add-on, as I always found the way cs-cart handles brands was a bit too much put away.

You can download the add-on here for free. A donation would be very much appreciated though. See my paypal link on the right.  I won’t spend it on booze, promise.

P.S. cs-cart now also has a multivendor edition, which means you can have multiple vendors selling on your website. A bit like amazon, that’s right!